Make The Best Plant-Based Pizzas With These Tips

Pizza is the perfect plant-based food. It can be made using whole wheat and grain crusts, and is the ideal vehicle for loads of vegetable toppings. Without added oil or dairy, some plant-based pizzas can be bland and crusts may turn out gummy and unappealing, which is why you need to use a few simple strategies to get the best plant-based pizza as possible. Some tips for better results when making plant-based or vegan pizza include:

Child Making The Transition From Daycare To Kindergarten? Celebrate With Pizza

If your child is making the transition from daycare to kindergarten, this is a very big step in their life. It is also a great time to have a celebration. One great way to do this is to gather together all of their friends and have a pizza party. Instead of ordering out, make your own pizzas with some traditional toppings and others not so. Below are some ideas for weird pizzas the children can make together.

Thyme, Sweet Corn, & Sausage Pizza

This thyme, sweet corn and sausage pizza is hearty while still letting you get in your daily vegetables in a very tasty manner. This pizza is relatively easy and quick to prepare, even for beginners, and it tastes as good as one from a restaurant like Sunrise Pizza & Steak House. Shopping List 1 shallot 2 ears of corn 1 bell pepper 1 tomato thyme sausage mozzarella cheese 1 pizza crust salt and pepper Oven

Two Steakhouse-Style Marinades For Sirloin

If you've ever ordered a sirloin steak in a good steakhouse, the cut you received was probably juicy and tender. The sirloin, however, is not naturally as tender as filet mignon or strip steak. To make it more enjoyable, many steakhouses marinate sirloin before cooking. Marinades not only inject flavor into the meat, but also serve to relax and begin to break down the muscle, making for a more tender cut.

4 Dishes You Might Be Missing At Your Local Thai Restaurant

If you're falling into a rut of always going to an Italian or French restaurant for dinners out and getting the same thing, then it might be time for a change. One way to get out of this rut and try something new and exciting is by giving your local Thai restaurant a try. Thai food is a great way to get new flavors on your plate, yet it's still familiar enough to appeal to the Italian and French food lovers, as well.