Tips For Catering To Chinese Food Customers With Allergies

Chinese food is a popular cuisine, and people from around the world love eating it. One factor that may prevent some people who enjoy Chinese cuisine from eating it is food sensitivities. If you are a Chinese restaurant owner and your goal is to attract more customers, then you might want to develop a plan to cater to these individuals. If you're not sure how to go about doing so, then here are some tips for helping you get started:

Thai Pork: Perfect For A Bodybuilder

The health conscious should really think of hitting a Thai restaurant to acquire a solid helping of protein. Protein is vitally important for anyone who hits the gym hard and wants to build up muscle. Beef and chicken are the common protein-loaded selections found on a Thai restaurant menu, but there is another source. Lean cuts of pork are perfect for bodybuilders looking for quality protein, and Thai restaurants present a nice array of such meals.

Beyond The Menu: 3 Things To Discuss With Your Wedding Caterer

After you choose your menu, it can be easy to think that you've discussed everything you need to with your caterer. However, there are still some important things you need to go over with your wedding caterer. Make sure you schedule an appointment to discuss dinnerware, vendor meals and leftovers.  Ask About Dinnerware The catering company you hire for your wedding should provide you with more than just the food to eat.

Child Making The Transition From Daycare To Kindergarten? Celebrate With Pizza

If your child is making the transition from daycare to kindergarten, this is a very big step in their life. It is also a great time to have a celebration. One great way to do this is to gather together all of their friends and have a pizza party. Instead of ordering out, make your own pizzas with some traditional toppings and others not so. Below are some ideas for weird pizzas the children can make together.

Thyme, Sweet Corn, & Sausage Pizza

This thyme, sweet corn and sausage pizza is hearty while still letting you get in your daily vegetables in a very tasty manner. This pizza is relatively easy and quick to prepare, even for beginners, and it tastes as good as one from a restaurant like Sunrise Pizza & Steak House. Shopping List 1 shallot 2 ears of corn 1 bell pepper 1 tomato thyme sausage mozzarella cheese 1 pizza crust salt and pepper Oven