3 Tips For Making Better Cornbread

If you are like many people, you might love making a fresh batch of cornbread or cornbread muffins to go with your meals. However, even though you might like the cornbread that you make, you could be wondering if there is a better way. These are a few tips that can help you make better cornbread. Once you try these tips, you might find that you never go back to your old way of making cornbread again.

1. Grind Your Own Cornmeal

First of all, right now, you might purchase your cornmeal already ground from the grocery store. Even though you can definitely make some good cornbread from store-bought cornmeal, there is a better option. With the right equipment, you can grind up your own cornmeal at home. Once you get the hang of it, you're sure to find that this is the best way to get nice, fresh cornmeal for your cornbread recipe.

2. Don't Overmix

Some people like to break out the handheld or stand electric mixer to mix up just about everything that they bake, including cornbread. However, even though these can be handy appliances, cornbread is one recipe that you will probably want to make a little differently. Instead, consider mixing your cornbread by hand. Cornbread is not supposed to be overmixed, so you can better control how much you mix up your cornbread when you do it yourself with a wooden spoon. You basically want to make sure that your cornbread batter is only stirred until all of the ingredients are nice and moist. There should still be some lumps in your batter.

3. Let it Sit

When you finish mixing up your cornbread batter, you might be ready to use it right away to make a great batch of cornbread. However, allowing your batter to sit for just a few minutes can help you get much better results. If you allow your batter to sit at room temperature for just a few minutes, you can then give it one or two quick stirs, then bake as you normally would. Cornbread and cornbread muffins often turn out much fluffier this way. Plus, it will give you an extra few minutes to work on preparing the rest of your meal.

As you can see, there are a few tips that you can follow if you would like to make better cornbread. Once you implement these tips, you're sure to find that your batches of cornbread turn out beautifully.