Cut The Cake -- 5 Fun Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Cake

Your wedding should reflect your individuality and personality as a couple. For many couples, this includes eschewing traditional parts of the wedding or reception and replacing them with your own variations. One traditional aspect of the big day that today's brides and grooms are often finding ways to personalize is the wedding cake. If you want to look outside the box when it comes to your cake, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Individual Cakes. Ditch the oversize tiered wedding cake in favor of small, single-layer cakes. These individual mini-cakes can be different flavors, decorated with a single theme or personalized to reflect different aspects of the couple's personality. Top each cake with some fruit or a few flowers and use them as table centerpieces to save time and money. 

Pies. Pie as a cake alternative has gained popularity in recent years. It's a less expensive choice and can include many different flavors to satisfy all taste buds. Create a tiered display for your pies on the cake table by using boxes covered in fabric or elegant serving platters. Consider a local bakery, like  pies by Mitchell's Buns Master Bakery & Market Place.

Cupcake Towers. Like pies, cupcakes can be an inexpensive variation on the tiered wedding cake. Save money by limiting the cupcakes to one or two flavors or go all out by offering a variety of choices. Place cupcakes on a circular tiered serving tray or make your own using wood or wire platforms. If you want a small bit of tradition, top the cupcake tower with a single layer of wedding cake for the festivities.

Donut Tower. One of the cheapest cake replacements is a grouping of donuts. Serve them on a tiered serving platter or pile them high in a roughly pyramid shape. Donuts are best for a morning wedding or a casual affair, since they will help bring out the joy in the day. Garnish your donut tiers with fun flowers like daisies, add bright colors or make some handmade signs on small skewers.

Rice Krispie Treats. Want to make everyone feel like a child again? Serve your guests a tiered Rice Krispie (or other flavor) treat cake. Cut the treats into round cakes -- each one a little smaller than the earlier -- then wrap each layer in ribbon accenting your wedding colors. Add a fun cake topper that complements the fun, childhood theme of the dessert.

No matter what type of nontraditional cake or dessert you choose, you and your local bakery will find many new ways to inspire and bring a special level of fun to your wedding.