Thai Pork: Perfect For A Bodybuilder

The health conscious should really think of hitting a Thai restaurant to acquire a solid helping of protein. Protein is vitally important for anyone who hits the gym hard and wants to build up muscle. Beef and chicken are the common protein-loaded selections found on a Thai restaurant menu, but there is another source. Lean cuts of pork are perfect for bodybuilders looking for quality protein, and Thai restaurants present a nice array of such meals.

Good Pork vs. Bad Pork

Wait a minute. Since when is pork a healthy choice?

Whether or not pork is healthy for you depends on what kind of pork meal we are talking about. Common breakfast selections such as bacon and sausage have almost no nutritional value. They are loaded with way more fat than protein. However, lean selections of pork roast would be perfect to choose. Eating a light pork selection for lunch or dinner could aid in delivering a nice amount of protein without a massive amount of excess calories. In a Thai restaurant like Noodle Cart Thai Food, you will find some really great pork options.

A Classic Healthy Thai Option

After working out really hard in the gym, head to the local Thai food place and order Tom Mylan, a ground pork salad. Your body uses up a lot of nutrients while working out and the leafy greens in the salad are a great source of natural vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. The minced lean pork delivers the necessary protein to help build up any muscle torn down during the workout session.

Some wonder why they should choose Tom Mylan salad instead of drinking a quick protein shake. Basically, protein derived from natural, whole foods is better for the body and can be absorbed more efficiently. Buying a large order of Tom Mylan and putting it in the fridge delivers three easy-to-serve hot or cold post-workout meals that are much better than shakes.

Thai Pork Chops for Dinner and Breakfast

If you want a heartier meal, Thai pork chops are a great option. These chops are not breaded and, hence, they do not come with empty carbohydrates. Nor are they drenched in sugary BBQ sauces. Rather, they are marinated in healthier ingredients such as coconut milk and garlic, which contain good nutrients. In the morning, you could heat up the Thai pork chops and add some eggs whites to the plate and create a great high-protein breakfast.

The best Thai food does include a lot of healthy pork selections. Bodybuilders looking for something different should take note.