Make The Best Plant-Based Pizzas With These Tips

Pizza is the perfect plant-based food. It can be made using whole wheat and grain crusts, and is the ideal vehicle for loads of vegetable toppings. Without added oil or dairy, some plant-based pizzas can be bland and crusts may turn out gummy and unappealing, which is why you need to use a few simple strategies to get the best plant-based pizza as possible.

Some tips for better results when making plant-based or vegan pizza include:

Quit needing to knead the dough.

Whole wheat flour has a tendency to become gummy and less appealing when overworked. Mix the dough just enough to combine the ingredients, and then stop. If you are using a bread machine to make your dough, be sure to add the wet ingredients to the pan first, and layer the dry ingredients on top for better textured doughs and breads.

Be sweet.

Whole wheat dough needs quite a bit of sweetener when using it for pizza, and there are some great plant-based options that will also deliver a delicious flavor. Add some apple juice concentrate or maple syrup to the dough to give it great depth of flavor. Don't forget to add just a touch of sweetener to your marinara and tomato sauce, too; a few drops of agave nectar works well in sauces.

Cook your veggies first.

Your pizza will turn out better, and have a more palatable texture, when you cook them before putting them on the pizza to bake. The water in fresh veggies can sink down and make your crust soggy or mushy, which nobody wants. Be sure to season your vegetables generously when cooking to add great flavor to your topping.

Pre-bake your crust first.

Another way to attain the perfect crust is through baking the crust a little bit before loading on the sauce, veggies, and other toppings. Bake the crust in a hot oven for five minutes or so first to let the dough set, and prevent the pizza from being mushy. This helps to preserve the integrity of the crust when moisture is released from the sauce and veggies on top.

Plant-based pizza can be a real lifesaver when trying to stick to a restrictive diet, and there are ways to make it every bit as delicious as conventional pizza. Try these tips the next time you make pizza and see what a difference they make in the texture and taste of your pizza pie.  

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