Child Making The Transition From Daycare To Kindergarten? Celebrate With Pizza

If your child is making the transition from daycare to kindergarten, this is a very big step in their life. It is also a great time to have a celebration. One great way to do this is to gather together all of their friends and have a pizza party. Instead of ordering out, make your own pizzas with some traditional toppings and others not so. Below are some ideas for weird pizzas the children can make together. Purchase some pizza dough, spread it out on the pizza pans, and get ready to have some fun.

Pizza and Marshmallows

You can put marshmallows on pizza. With this pizza, you need to bake the pizza crust first.

Purchase liquid chocolate either in a jar or a squeeze bottle. Let the children put the chocolate on the pizza. Once they get it on there, let them spread it out with their hands. When finished, put some miniature marshmallows over the pizza. They could put them all over the pizza, or make some shapes using the marshmallows, such as a smiley face, star, etc. Pop it into the oven on a low temperature just long enough for the marshmallows to melt.

Nacho Pizza

What child does not like nachos? If the children at your child's party do, they can make a nacho pizza. Let the children spread liquid nacho cheese over the pizza crust. Crush up some nacho chips in a bowl to spread over the dough, or put whole nacho chips.

Add some more ingredients to this, such as sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, etc.

Individual Pizzas

Make some individual pizza crusts so each child can have their own pizza to decorate. Spread the dough with some pizza sauce. Put individual bowls of pepperoni, cheese, and other toppings on the table. Put some non-traditional toppings along with them, such as macaroni and cheese, small pieces of chicken, etc.

To make this even more fun for the children, add color to the pizza dough before you cook it. Start out with one drop at a time and mix it in. Keep doing this until you have the color that you want. Make individual colored dough in bowls in different colors so the children can pick what color they want for their pizza.

As you can see, pizza can be a lot of fun for children to make. You may want to consider either making or ordering pizza that you and other parents can enjoy eating, if you do not want to eat the children's creations. Contact a company like Chicago Deep Dish Pizza if you are interested.