3 Unusual Restaurant Themes That Draw Attention

As someone working to create your own restaurant and individual identity, it's important that your restaurant stands apart from the rest. One good way to make your restaurant stand out is to give it an unusual theme. Here are three themes you can try to liven up the atmosphere at your location. 

Welcome to the Wild West

One theme that works well for some kinds of restaurants is a "Wild West" theme. With this theme, you'd have wooden floors, tables, and furniture. You'd also want to decorate with western and Native American-style decor. 

Restaurants with a Wild West theme may choose to have nicknamed dishes like "The Sheriff's Star" for the top-of-the-line steak or "Rattle Shakes" for milkshakes with gummy worms inside. Themed foods make an interesting topic for conversation between family and friends, so these dishes will keep your customer's talking about your menu. 

To add a bit of interactivity to your restaurant, consider having a bar and dance floor. Play country music, and your Wild West theme is complete. 

Sitting Pretty in Paradise

If the desert isn't your scene, then you may want to try a beach theme. This theme works particularly well for seafood restaurants, since you can decorate with shells, sea life in mounted tanks, and other beach-themed accessories. 

You can create a beach-like atmosphere with beige, sandy colors, sky-blue walls and ceilings, and yellow-toned lighting. To dress up your tables, consider having multicolored beach chairs and picnic tables, or simply use beach-towel-style upholstery on your furniture. Use unique shell-shaped menus or choose to have unusual shell-and-fish-shaped salt and pepper shakers. 

For music, consider playing Jamaican songs or steel-drum band music. Both lend to a beach-themed feel. 

There are many options for a beach-themed restaurant; remember, the atmosphere should be lively and relaxed. This is a restaurant where people can have fun. 

Chilling Out in the Arctic

If you plan on serving deep-sea food or chilled delicacies, you may think a themed restaurant isn't for you. That doesn't have to be the case; you can have an arctic theme.  Using blue lighting with white walls and furniture, you can give off the appearance of a chilly, yet inviting, dining room. A white marble floor adds to the look of ice, so patrons who visit feel like they've stepped into a winter wonderland. 

To add a unique touch, consider serving drinks in frozen mugs; the frosty beverages stand out and keep your customers' drinks at the right temperature. 

These are a few different themes you could opt to try. Try one of these or create your own; your restaurant is sure to stand out! Make sure to visit other successful restaurants, such as Mr Mike's SteakhouseCasual, to see what they do to attract customers.