3 Tips For Taking Care Of A Pizza Stone

Cooking pizza with a pizza stone is a great way to get that authentic Italian flavor when making pizza from scratch. You do need to turn on the oven to let it preheat before using the stone and you need to bake the pizza for longer than would with a traditional pan. However, you have the benefit of a unique flavor of your pizza, not to mention that you can mold your pizza dough into any shape you like. Here are some tips for cleaning and taking care of your pizza stone.

Clean the Stone After Use

The best way to keep your pizza stone clean is by wiping it down after every use. If you remove the cheese and spilled toppings when it is still warm, they will be much easier to remove. Make a habit of removing food particles and crumbs from the pizza stone every time you make a pizza, and you won't have to worry about cheese that is sticking to the stone. If you need to wash it, you should never use soap. Instead of soap, simply wet a cloth and rub it over the pizza stone until you have removed the oil, grease and food particles.

How to Remove Stains

It is normal to see discoloration of a pizza stone over time, but you may have some pizza stains you want to try to get rid of. You can remove stains and give it a deeper clean by using your oven's auto clean future, since this does not use any soap. Turn your oven on and place the pizza stone inside on the middle rack. Turn on the auto clean feature of your oven and let it complete a full cycle. Remove the pizza stone and wipe it down with a damp cloth. With it now warm, it should come clean easily.


There are some things you should know about cleaning and taking care of your pizza stone so you do not ruin it. First of all, never submerge the stone in water. Water can soak into the stone and cause damage. Use only a damp cloth to wipe it clean. You also never want to use soap because that soap also get absorbed into the stone, causing all your food to smell and taste like soap. When you take the stone out of your oven, do not place it on a cold surface or it will crack.

If you are cleaning a pizza stone, you may need to season it, just like you would with a cast iron skillet. This gives your pizza its best flavor when using the stone.

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